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Friends of Nira Rock depends on many partners to be successful in our efforts. We are very grateful to all of them for their support and inspiration. We couldn't do it without them!
Boston Cares
Boston Cares organizes and leads team-oriented volunteer opportunities throughout Greater Boston that have a positive impact on individuals and communities.
Boston Natural Areas Network
One of our most important partners. BNAN works to preserve, expand and improve urban open space through community organizing, acquisition, ownership, programming, development and management of Urban Wilds, Greenways and Community Gardens. They sponsor our annual rock-climbing event, and serve as host institution for the Urban Wilds Council.
Boston Park Advocates
Boston Park Advocates is a volunteer network of park stakeholders who champion Boston's open spaces, including parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, bikeways, community gardens, beaches, greenways, urban wilds and reservations. The goal of the network is to connect and unify Boston's many open space stakeholders in order to strengthen their collective impact on public policy and resource allocation.
Boston Parks Urban Wilds Initiative
The Urban Wilds Initiative of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department seeks to protect and improve the remnants of original ecosystems that still dot the landscape and provide glimpses of the natural world. UWI manages forty properties scattered throught the Boston area.
Boston Police Department (District E-13)
Boston Police are dedicated to working in partnership with the community to fight crime, reduce fear and improve the quality of life in Boston neighborhoods.
Boston Urban Stewards
Boston Urban Stewards is a unique after-school and out of school program that directly connects urban middle school and high school youth with their community by developing youth-adult partnerships. The young people work with and learn from those whose job it is to steward and advocate for the urban environment, especially urban trees in our schoolyards, parks, and sidewalks.
Boston Youth Fund
The Boston Youth Fund offers positive job experiences to youth. It their philosophy that it is imperative to provide not only a paycheck but also a quality work experience, which give young people the opportunity to discover and explore their talents while gaining a sense of responsibility, and contributing to the well-being of their community.
COGdesign (Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design) is a non-profit service organization offering quality landscape design for community-based groups; meaningful professional experience for student and practicing landscape designers; and volunteer opportunities for those interested in strengthening communities by creating and improving neighborhood green spaces.
Hyde Square Task Force
HTSF's mission is to create a safe, clean and friendly neighborhood in Hyde/Jackson Square, a neighborhood that places its priority on young people. HTSF strives to develop the skills of youth and their families so that they are empowered to enhance their own lives and build a stronger urban community.
The Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Fund
New England Grassroots Environment Fund
NEGEF is designed to foster and give voice to grassroots environmental initiatives across New England. The Fund provides grants to fuel civic engagement, local activism, and social change.
Through grants, service projects, local volunteer opportunities and youth education programs, REI is committed to providing opportunities for people to experience the joys of outdoor recreation and learn how to care for open spaces and our shared public lands.
The Urban Wilds Initiative
The Urban Wilds Initiative of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department (UWI) has given us critical material support, guidance, and encouragement, and been absolutely essential to all of our achievements. UWI owns and co-manages Nira Rock, and more than 40 other properties in the Boston area as well. Visit their website to learn more about other urban wild areas in and around Boston.
VA Boston
VA Boston has a campus in Jamaica Plain that shares a long border with NIra Rock. They've contributed to many of the improvements at Nira Rock, and serve as a partner in our shared goal of making Nira Rock crime-free.