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Nira's 40-foot rock face has two hardware-equipped routes, and offers some great climbing right in Jamaica Plain.  
Nira Rock: Boston's Hidden Gem
Nira Rock is a secluded haven, right in the heart of the city. Though it covers less than two acres, Nira Rock offers:
• Two bolted rock climbing routes with lots of bouldering and top-roping accessible.
• An orchard where you are welcome to sample the apples, pears, plums, cherries, raspberries and blueberries.
• A hilltop meadow and shady spots to stroll or picnic. Dogs are welcome – and kids love it!
Of course, Nira Rock is best known for its striking 40-foot natural wall of "Roxbury Puddingstone," a prized building material which was quarried here for use in many of Boston's most celebrated structures and parks. (In fact, outcroppings like Nira are what “Rox”-bury was named for.) But in the last few years, the land surrounding the rockface has been replanted with a profusion of native shrubs and trees, and paths have been improved, making Nira an abundant, beautiful "pocket sanctuary" for wildlife and people alike.
Pitch in! Friends of Nira Rock is an all-volunteer organization. We're always open to ideas and, of course, a ready pair of hands. Feel free to contact us if you have either!
Nira honored by the EcoTipping Points Project
We're proud to announce that Nira Rock has been officially designated an "EcoTipping Point" – a place that changes a cycle of decline into one of restoration, setting the entire environmental system on a new course. Go, Nira! Learn more about EcoTipping points here!
We've been geocached!
Nira Rock is now officially part of geocaching � a global treasure hunt for people who love to discover new places in nature (and have a GPS device clipped to their belt!) We've already been "discovered" by many geocachers. To learn more about geocaching or to read Nira Rock's description, click here.



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JPPatch features Nira Rock We've gotten a lot of press this year, but JPPatch has perhaps summed up out efforts better than anyone. You can read the story here.

Welcome new neighbors! Even in our crowded neighborhood, there's always room for more... bunnies! This year, Nira Rock was chock full of babies: Blue jays, bright green grass snakes and – yes – even a family of bunnies were born at Nira Rock this year. We can't help but observe that it gives new meaning to the word "diversity"...