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Our mission
The mission of the Friends of Nira Rock is to preserve and enhance Nira Rock Urban Wild as a safe, beautiful and lasting sanctuary for wildlife and people alike.
To those ends:
  • We promote respectful public use by improving site access, sponsoring regular social events, and involving the community in the site's care and management.
  • We strive to keep Nira Rock crime-free by maintaining sight lines, encouraging police presence, and promoting positive use of the site.
  • We maintain sustainable native plantings, leave areas of undisturbed and un-"managed" habitat, and practice ecologically sound stewardship. We ensure that any changes to the site are in keeping with Nira Rock's spirit as a wild place.
  • We cultivate a strong and supportive friends community.
  • We protect and advocate for Nira Rock in the face of any challenge to these goals, including funding shortages, development pressures, and vandalism or abuse.